Periodical Reference Section

Periodical section collects and manages the Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters, Bulletins, Reports Seminar proceedings etc. All these documents contain the latest information on current developments of a branch of knowledge. The library is making every effort to procure the maximum journals on Buddhist studies, Tibetan studies and allied subjects to facilitate the teaching and researches of the University. Section also procure and manage the current newspapers and general magazines.

The section has also compiled and regularly updating the article index of the academic periodicals. This index is searchable through the Library OPAC. At presents it has approximately 12000 article records.

The Periodical section of the Shantarakshita Library is subscribing the following important journals, bulletins, newsletters and newspapers.

Adyar Library Bulletin Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
Akshra (Hindi) Journal of Indian Council for Philosophical Research
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute Journal of Dharma
Anviksa Journal of Indian Philosophy
Buddhist Christian Studies Journal of Oriental Research, Madras
Buddhist Studies Review Journal of the American Oriental Society
Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies
Bulletin of Tibetology Kathadesh (Hindi)
China Report Journal of the International College for Advance Buddhist Studies
Chintansrijan (Hindi) Kathakaram (Hindi)
Contemporary Buddhism Nayagyanodiya (Hindi)
Dastavej Pahal (Hindi)
DESIDOC Bulletin Philosophy East & West
Dharma World Praci-Jyoti
Dreloma Purnatrayi
East & West Rangzen (Eng.)
Gang-ri-lang-tso (Eng.) Rangzen (Tib.)
Gang-ri-lang-tso (Tib.) Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Science
Hans(Hindi) Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science
Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies Sahitiyaamrit (Hindi)
Himalayan And Central Asian Studies Samskrit Sandhana (Bi-Lingual)
Hwakang Buddhist Journal Sheja (Tib.)
IASLIC Bulletin Tibet Desh (Hindi)
ILA Bulletin Tibet Journal
India International Journal of Buddhist Studies Tibetan Review
Indian Horizon Tricycle: A Buddhist Review
Indian Journal of Training and Development Worldwatch Magazine
Indian Philosophy Quarterly Zygon
Indo-Iranian Journal    

Reference Section

Reference section manages about 3000 reference documents including, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Geographical sources, Year books, Directories, Biographical Directories, Handbooks and Manuals Catalogues & Bibliographies. The section has compiled an index of special articles published in the Britannica Book of the Year. This index can be accessed with the library database.

Based on the above collection and using Internet, Reference section is providing reference and referral services to the library users. The section performs necessary functions to help the users including providing various information service on demand and in anticipation, providing instructions for use of library, organizing orientation programs for the new students, selection of effective reference tools, organization of reference materials.


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