Centre for Tibetan Literature

The Centre for Tibetan Literature was founded as part of the Research Departments in 2009. The Centre is currently in the process of producing four comprehensive volumes on the History of Tibetan Literature that provide an exhaustive analysis of the subject over several centuries. The study of Tibetan literature has been long overlooked in Tibetan studies and the establishment of the Centre is aimed to fill this vacuum. Tibetan literature can refer to religious texts, historical works, biographies, philosophy, fiction, drama and poetry. Much of it is connected with Buddhism but it also concerns itself with other themes. It was not until 2017 that Tibetan Literature began to be taught as a subject at the Institute under the Department for Tibetan language and Literature. This is an innovative development since until recently there has been little wider scholarly interest in Tibetan literature as a subject outside the scope of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy. Only one other institution in India teaches Tibetan literature at Masters Level, although the CIHTS programme elevates the subject to a higher standard with the inclusion of other important components. It is hoped that a rigorous and comprehensive programme of study will help to raise the profile of Tibetan literature as an area of study. .