Future Projects

1. Bodhicharyavatara of Acharya Shantideva with Panjika: (Critical editions with Sanskrit and Tibetan) 
contributes to the better health of the society and facilitate the students for practical course.
2. Shiksasamuccaya of Acharya Shantideva:
(Critical editions with Sanskrit and Tibetan)
3. Shrutbodha of Kalidasa:
(Critical editions with Sanskrit and Tibetan translation)
4. Astangahrdyam of Vagbhatta II Vol.:
(Critical edition of Sanskrit and Tibetan commentary)
5. Sutralamkara of Acharya Asanga: 
(Critical edition with Hindi translation)
6. Arya Sandhinirmocana Sutra: 
(Critical edition with Hindi translation)
7. Prajnadanda and Prajnashataka of Acharya Nagarjuna:
Critical edition, restoration and translation)