Academic Accomplishments

Employment/Work in India

  1. Editor 11.03.1987 - 26.01.2000
  2. Professor with charge of Additional Director 27.01.2000 - 08.04.2001
  3. Director 09.04.2001 - 31.01.2014
  4. Vice Chancellor 29.01.2016 - 28.01.2021
  5. Vice Chancellor 13.04.22 - till date

Visiting Professor
  1. Visiting Professor at Hampshire College Massechusettes, USA Spring Semester 1996
  2. Visiting Professor at University of Tasmania, Australia, fall semester 1999
  3. Visiting Professor at Amherst College, MA USA one year 2000
  4. Visiting Professor at Smith College, MA USA 2000
  5. Visiting Professor at IIHTS, Austria 2011

Publications: Books

  1. Ocean of Reasoning: Translation of the most comprehensive commentary of Mulamadhaytamika Karika of Nagarjuna by Tsongkhapa of Tibet, published by Oxford University Press, New York, 2006.
  2. Catalogue of Rare Thankas (Tibetan scroll paintings) for an exhibition held in New Delhi which was organised by CIHTS and Tibet House, New Delhi. Published in New Delhi by CIHTS in 1986
  3. Co-edited the Translation of the Abhidhammathasamgaho. Published by CIHTS in 1989.
  4. Critically edited the Tibetan version of the Ratnavali and its only Indian commentary in Tibetan translation providing an extensive introduction with four appendices. Published by CIHTS as volume one in 1990.
  5. Co-edited the critical edition of Sanskrit and Tibetan versions of the Pindikrit and Panchakrama of Nagarjuna. Published by CIHTS in 2001.

Gave talks at various Universities, Colleges and Institutions in United States, Europe, Australia, Russia, Thailand and India.

Contributed several articles in various journals, felicitation volumes, souvenir issues, special series etc.
The latest: The Impact of Mind Training at Gross, Subtle and Subtlest Levels" in the book: The Monastries and the Microscope, Yale University Press, 2019.

Participated several conferences, seminars, workshops etc of national and international level in India and abroad.